Treatment for Lyme Disease

Research for the most effective treatment for Lyme’s disease

The end of the Borrelia bacterium and the co-infections

Lyme’s disease is caused by the Borrelia bacterium. During the past few years we have developed a number of Natural treatments that are effective and safe in helping remove the Borrelia and the co-infections.

These Natural treatments are geared to maximally support your immune system in the cleansing process for the Borrelia bacteria, the co-infections and for a healthy body cell renewal.

Duration of the treatment of Lyme’s disease

From our experience we see the following durations of time:


Type of treatment Description Duration of the treatment (indication)
Prevention Start within 24 hours after the Tick Bite 1 week
Treatment Borellia Start within 30 days after the Tick Bite, without any other symptoms 1 month
Treatment Borellia Start within 1 year after the Tick Bite, without any other symptoms 6 months (3 months treatment + 3 months immunity support)
Treatment Borellia and co-infections Start within 1 year after the Tick Bite, with symptoms of tiredness 9 months (6 months treatment + 3 months immunity support)
Treatment Borellia and co-infections Start within 1 year after the Tick Bite, with other symptoms and already developed disease indications such as problems walking, memory loss, motoric defects, symptoms of paralysis etc 12 months (6 months treatment + 6 months immunity support)


Note: In case other treatments have already occurred then this can influence the duration. With the use of long-term antibiotics, the average treatment period is extended with 2-6 months. When there are motoric, brain and/or nerve system disabilities, then a good revalidation is necessary in order to have the bodily functions healed as well as is possible.

Our first research

Eight years ago, we started our research with four primary questions:

  • 1: What are the underlying causes of Lyme’s disease?
  • 2: Which Natural plant compounds maximally support the immune system?
  • 3: How can we create the simplest treatment solution for this horrible disease?
  • 4: Is there a good natural prevention possible?

Now, 8 years down the road, we have treated many people successfully and they have taught us a lot too.

From our treatments we have developed an effective and safe prevention for Lyme’s disease.

The underlying causes

From the technique of plant medicine, the Borrelia bacterium is one of the simplest to remove from your body.

However, a Borrelia bacterium that is present in the body untreated ‘eats itself a way’ through your brain and nerve tissues.

The more the Borrelia bacterium ‘eats’ brain and nerve tissues, the faster it grows and the more damage it inflicts. We see with many of the examined people that the Borrelia bacterium causes complaints in combination with other disorders (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and chemical substances). These disorders cause the co-infections.

Wrong diagnoses

During our research we have also seen many examples of wrong diagnoses. This is caused by insufficient understanding of the underlying causes. Namely, the Borellia bacteria can cause many different symptoms in combination with other disorders.

Two simple examples that often go wrong:

  • A Borellia bacterium with a bacterium from the Streptococcus family plus an Epstein-Barr virus can create symptoms that are diagnosed as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
  • 2. A Borellia bacterium together with a Corona virus plus a parasite in the liver and the pancreas can create symptoms that can be diagnosed as Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia.

With Lyme’s disease it is necessary to identify the exact combination of disorders and to research all symptoms so that a clear diagnosis and personal treatment can be realized.

Additional research results of treatment

In cooperation with physicians and therapists we are going to conduct a larger research in 2019 and 2020 with the goal to prove the effectiveness of our treatment protocol.

With this research we will openly show which results can be achieved with Natural treatments for Lyme’s disease.

Take part in our research

Ons onderzoek bestaat uit (deel 1):

  • Intake by your practitioner (physician or therapist)
  • Body scan to detect the co-infections
  • Blood test (in case this has not been done yet)
  • Treatment proposition
  • Start of the Natural treatment
  • Check-ups after three months, six and twelve months

Our research consists of (part 2):

  • Information regarding progress of your practitioner
  • Monthly online progress check-up (short questionnaire)
  • Processing of information
  • Presentation of the results
  • Advice treatment protocol


Take part in our research

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