Tick Bite Treatment

Enjoy your time spent in the outdoors without worrying about tick bite

DisorderFree’s Tick Bite Treatment recipe

Our recipe is specialy created to prevent you from a borrelia burgdorferi infection that cause Lyme disease / Lyme borreliosis after the tick bite.

For your family and for your own safety, the best thing is to always have the treatment in your house or with you if you plan spending quality time in the outdoors. You want to make every moment memorable - and it should always be like that, but only for the right reasons!

Easy steps to mindful time in nature


Order the Bite Treatment from our online store and you will receive the product by post or express delivery at the address you chose. You do not need prescription for this treatment.


Keep the product at home in your refrigerator or take it with you anytime you plan a longer trip in nature.


Start the treatment as soon as possible after a tick bite - within 24 hours after the tick bite / borrelia burgdorferi infection. Continue the cure for 7 days: mix the herbal product with water and drink it according to the doses on the label: 1 dose of 2 ml - three times a day.


about the treatment

Q: Who can use this treatment?

A: Anyone who doesn’t want to be exposed to the risk of getting Lyme disease / Lyme borreliosis after tick bite: golfers, travellers, nature lovers, horse riders, outdoor athletes, farmers etc.

Q: Are there any known / possible side effects?

A: There are no negative side effects for the body if you use our personalized Lyme disease treatment.

Q: Does it replace the vaccine?

A: Currently, there is no human vaccine on the market and Tick Bite Treatment can be used as an alternative when / if a vaccine is launched on the market.

Q: Do I need prescription for the treatment?

A: No, you don’t need a prescription for this treatment. You can order this prevention product in our online store.

Q: What should I know about the interaction with other treatments and drugs?

A: Our natural treatment against Lyme disease can be used in combination with other human medications. We don’t recommend the combination with narcotic drugs.

Q: What is the link between the treatment and other diseases?

A: This recipe is made only to prevent you from a Borrelia burgdorferi infection that cause Lyme disease / Lyme borreliosis after the tick bite. In general, during the treatment you support your immune system to clean the blood system. This can have a positive effect on other symptoms/diseases in your body.

Q: Is there a link between food and treatment?

A: It’s good to support this herbal formula with healthy food. During the prevention treatment we give you the basic information to support your healing process. We don’t believe in food supplements, but we believe in healthy food that give your body the power to heal.

Q: Does the treatment influence pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A: No, there are no restrictions for this tick bite treatment. All our herbal formula are safe for mother and baby.


Basic ingredients:

Urtica Dioica, Uncaria Tomentosa, Radicis Angelica Sinensis, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Taraxacum Officinale


Vocatus, Aqua

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