Steffi de Pous



”Doctors said I will remain incurably ill for the rest of my life and therefore dependent on Western medication. I choose to fight and follow another path”

On February 14, 2014, I was on a small island in Thailand and I found myself in a hospital. For days, I was suffering from severe headaches, had to throw up a lot and my body was starting to shut down. I lost consciousness and felt that death was at my doorstep.

TThe physician in the Thai hospital arranged a Fit-to-fly declaration which allowed me to fly back to Amsterdam, sleeping in a horizontal position, first class. There I was taken to the hospital in a comatose condition.

The sodium levels were life-threatening low and also my ACTH, FSH and other hormones related to the pituitary had disappeared. My kidneys, adrenal glands and thyroid had stopped functioning.

After three weeks of examinations and ‘recovery’ with a high dose hydrocortisone supplementation I ‘improved’. The doctors had discovered an apoplexy adenoma in my head which ‘crushed’ the pituitary gland. An apoplexy adenoma is a tumour with an infarct inside.

The diagnosis was: you will remain incurably ill for the rest of your life and therefore dependent on Western medication. The discussed treatment options were all very risky.

The day that this diagnosis was made, I knew that this was not my story. It was possible for me to get better, but, just as surely as I had gotten ill by myself, I had to cure myself.

I was completely helpless and suffered from extreme physical pains. I have years of experience in meditation, a number of yoga certificates are hanging above my bed and I have a pretty good knowledge of nutrition. I decided to change course.

I decided to avoid everything that cost energy and to only ingest things or allow things around me that would give me energy. I researched my symptoms and the disease image and looked up everything that I needed and wanted to know.

I took my fate into my own hands and looked for a very good endocrinologist and a specialist in natural medicines. I allowed both of them to be my right hand and my left hand. They knew about each other and they were aware of my wishes.

The endocrinologist gave me Hydrocortisone, performed the periodical medical examinations and gave me her medical advices. The specialist in natural medicines gave me the correct herbal formula and additional support.

I visited Robert from, the specialist in natural medicines, once a month for one year. During every visit, we made a new body scan to see which changes had occurred compared to the previous month. Every time I crept behind his screen, with the special measuring headphones on my ears, a few days later I would receive another package at my house with a herbal formula specially designed for me.

He gave me exercises to do at home and faithfully shipped pounds of cleansing teas. These helped to detoxify and were supplementing the correct herbal formula that was in the tinctures.

The pain was often unbearable and many times the day passed while I was in deep meditation with a piece of wood or the tip of my pillow in between my teeth. The Hydrocortisone changed my body. I got inflammations and eczema everywhere. Just touching my skin was very painful.

I gained ten kilos of fluid and fat within two months because of the Hydrocortisone. That wasn’t the worst, considering my medical condition, but if felt very unhealthy and it indicated how fierce that medication was.

In October 2014 (in consult with my physician from the hospital) I locked myself up in an isolated yurt in the woods for two weeks. That sounds a lot more romantic that the reality was.

I had gotten to the point that I knew for sure that I wanted to decrease the Hydrocortisone, (for which I am still very grateful) with all possible consequences. Decreasing the dosage was a matter of just milligrams at a time. I continued to eat and drink deacidifying and continued to meditate and visualize. My inner message in meditation and visualization was; “I am a self-healing mechanism and my pituitary gland produces all the hormones that my body needs.” This message echoed through my body every second of the day.

The weeks went well. Robert continued to be my helpline and this gave me a safe feeling. After these two weeks, I continued to decrease the Hydrocortisone, less and less of it. The feeling for my own body returned. The pain decreased, but the fear was sometimes pretty intense.

Finally, after about a year, another MRI was performed and on this MRI, there was no apoplexy adenoma to be found. After I had quit the Hydrocortisone completely, all blood tests and medical examinations showed that my body produced all hormones again. The physician talked about a medical miracle and that I was extremely lucky.

I do not believe in luck. I believe in doing the right thing at the right time, work extremely hard in all faith. And Robert, the herbal formula, the food, the tea, the helpline that Robert often was, the meditating and the visualizing have helped me with that.

On February 28, 2017, my first son was born and all hormones helped and behaved. I am extremely grateful. I am also grateful to my cool endocrinologist (physician) from the hospital, that she was open to my way of doing things. I am grateful for the Hydrocortisone.

I am forever grateful to Robert for his knowledge, the herbal formula and his support.

Courageous Greetings,

Steffi de Pous

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Steffi de Pous



”The Travel Pack made it possible for us to help and support all refugees in a humanitarian way”

The Travel Pack, a protected feeling. In 2015, together with two friends, we decided to start collecting Baby slings for women who carried children in their arms for weeks while they were on the run.

Within a short time, we received much support and a lot of positive reactions. became a real movement, grown from a friends’ initiative, carried by many caring people.

In the first few months we gave away over a thousand Baby slings and we were able to alleviate the first need for food for many underfed mothers and their children.

Together with the distribution of the food and the Baby slings we also came into contact, physically, with all the diseases that refugees carry with them and that arise in the refugee camps.

Diseases such as Chronic hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Measles, Polio and several communicable skin diseases such as scabies.

During our assisting actions, supported us without self-interest with their prevention of the diseases in the refugee camps.

The daily preventative dose of the Travel Pack has protected all the caregivers completely during our work. The Travel Pack made it possible for us to help and support all refugees in a humanitarian way.

All of this without the use of mouth and skin protecting measures. Nobody fell ill during or after their help and support activities.

Thank you very much for a good and safe working Travel Pack.

Steffi de Pous

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Jan de Lugt


”Because it was ‘worn out’ I was given a ‘new’ knee in 2013. The procedure seemed to have been successful but after 9 months I developed pain complaints.”

Without a clear reason, my knee kept swelling up. Twice a week it would fill with blood and fluids.

The tension in my knee caused so much pain that I could not walk without crutches anymore.

The orthopaedic surgeon who had performed the surgery on me could not find the cause of my complaints and indicated that he could do nothing further for me.

My family steered me into the direction of Robert from

Through the body scan of it was shown that there was a much too high concentration in my blood of the metal of my artificial knee and that I also had a virus in my lower leg. Together this was the cause of allergic reactions and inflammations.

It was remarkable that the body scan of also indicated the cause of the ‘wearing out’ of my joints. It turned out that my calcium/magnesium metabolism was unbalanced. Because of this imbalance in my body, the knee could not mend fast enough.

The medical diagnose is then ‘worn out’. The medical solution is a new knee.

Robert has helped me with:

A number of personalized recipes and herbal formula which allowed my immune system to remove the virus from my lower leg;
An herbal composition which made it possible to remove the high dose of metal from my blood and tissues. This resulted in the allergic reactions to stop;
A number of nutrition advices that allow my body to recuperate fast after having participated in sports. This allows me to prevent my other joints from ‘wearing out’ unnecessarily.

A few months after the treatment I participated in my first competition of mountain bike riding again.

I am glad that I can ride my bike again for 100 kilometres straight, in good health and pain free. This allows me to continue to enjoy the freedom and nature on my race bike and mountain bike. Thank you so much and with kind regards, Jan

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Monique van Lierop



”The Travel Pack helps your immune system to cleanse your blood so that possible harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites can be removed fast from your system.”

When I went travelling with my eleven-year-old son I wanted to have the most natural protection for him and myself! The utmost protective instinct is for your child, so we opted for the Travel Pack from DisorderFree. My son was relieved right away and understood immediately that this was the best for us. He easily believes in the power of body and mind - how fantastic is that!

The nutritional advice for tropical countries that we were given, connected seamlessly with what the body does well. We, in our Western civilization, have lost a lot of knowledge as far as that is concerned.

The Travel Pack helps your immune system to cleanse your blood so that possible harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites can be removed fast from your system.

We enjoyed a beautiful and healthy vacation! Thank you so much, DisorderFree team!

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Monique van Lierop



”My lifestyle has changed quite a lot! The scanning, the vegetal solution and the mental coaching work fast and efficient!”

Robert and I have known each other for years… would I mind undergoing a scan for a research project where the body scan results could be used as additional information for the diagnosis of the physician?

That is how the trajectory started where Robert has done and meant a lot for me. I had complaints that I was dismissive of: "Nothing can be done about that anyway”. And pain for which there was no clear diagnosis to be had, using the regular venues or a solution that does not help.

I felt that my body was overburdened, not just the muscles and the joints, but also my reaction to environmental matters. We started with detoxifying the entire system using a vegetal solution, blood strengthening and purifying so that your body can take care of this itself.

Remnants of inoculations, a long working history with chemicals and the wrong nutrition had quite worn me out and eventually you also lose your joy!

I can now safely say that my lifestyle has changed quite a lot! The scanning, the vegetal solution and the mental coaching work fast and efficient! At first, I sometimes found it hard to believe… I have learned a lot.

Robert has told me so much about exactly how the body and mind work, so that the solution is a logical consequence. I already believed in the power of nature, but I had never expected that it could have such a profound impact on my health!

I now search for my solutions in this manner and I have a lot of faith in it!

The nutritional advices I received connected seamlessly with what the body does well. In our civilisation, we have lost a lot of knowledge as far as that is concerned. And, sure, I still have my guilty pleasures… ;-)

I support this beautiful mission with all my heart and wish Robert and all those involved a lot of success!

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”Sent home with ‘Mental Burn-Out’ by my physicians collegues, diagnosed with a high dose of lead and mercury by dr. Oosterling”

From being a employee in the hospital, I became a patient and I discovered the other side of medical care.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I discovered I was extremely dizzy and I could not hear or see anything for about 15 minutes.

My colleague from a renowned European hospital sent me home with the diagnose ‘Mental Burn-Out’.

I thought that diagnose was a little odd, as I did not have any reason for a mental burn-out. I had just moved in with the man of my dreams and I have a great challenging job in the hospital with nice colleagues.

After 9 months of examinations, therapies, exercises, MRI-scans and medication I was still sick at home.

Because there was no prospect of medical recovery, my brother sent me to Robert Oosterling of

My reason to start with this scan of and the accompanying treatment was because my colleagues in the hospital and I could not find a solution.

I work in a renowned European hospital, but I have now experienced for myself that doctors cannot help you if they cannot find anything through regular blood tests or an MRI scan, so you end up still feeling sick.

As I said, one night I woke up and wanted to get up, became extremely dizzy, didn’t see or hear anything and this lasted for 15 minutes.

The family physician diagnosed me with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and said it would pass within a few weeks.

No change, and I received a reference for the ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT physician) who ascertained an infection of the organ of balance. Exercises should take care of it in about six weeks.

The exercises made no change and an MRI scan was made. There were no abnormalities found on the MRI scan and a reference to the neurologist was next.

After the MRI scan, I could not stand on my legs for a while. The neurologist and my other colleagues did not understand this symptom.

The problem now was the organ of balance and they not could do anything about that, hopefully it would get better with time and rest.

My complaints were so profound that I could do little, I could not stand bustle around me, with too much stimulation I got the sense I was going to faint, I felt like I was walking on clouds and I staggered after the slightest exertion. My body felt as if I was being electrocuted, I was nauseous and I had an awful feeling in my head.

It was said that it would be a mental burnout.

A lot had changed in my life in a short time, but I felt clearly that this could not be a mental burnout.

The hopelessness made me sad, I felt helpless, but certainly not depressed.

Through my brother, I came into contact with and Mr. Oosterling. We made a scan of my body and the result of the scan was surprising. The underlying cause for my symptoms was a high dose of lead and mercury in my body, combined with a number of viruses and bacteria.

With all the blood tests and the scan, done over the last period with my colleague, this had not been researched and so it also was not found.

In my teeth, I have 11 amalgam fillings and 2 golden crowns. Also, two years earlier, I moved into a house that is 110 years old where, as it turned out later, there were lead pipes for the waterworks.

These two metals started to ‘pile up’ at the location where my organ of balance is located. The heavy metals cause an interference in the electromagnetic field of the nervous tracks and the brain. My colleagues had noticed the symptoms, but had not understood the underlying cause.

Mr. Oosterling has explained this so clearly and gave me an explanation of how he thought that this had happened. It was so special that somebody understood me and took me serious and, also very important, the faith he gave me that everything would be okay.

What was remarkable to me, is that immediately after the body scan, the results were told to me in person and it was explained to me why I had a problem with my balance and concentration and also why I was not able to stand on my legs after the MRI.

Along with the treatment, I received the advice to have the lead pipes in the house replaced and to have my teeth checked by somebody who could measure if the amalgam was leaking.

That turned out to be the case and I looked for a specialized dentist who could repair my teeth. By coincidence I arrived at a dentist who had done research on people with complaints about amalgam in their teeth.

After the scan, I started with the personalized herbal formula of along with a vegetable composition to remove the heavy metals from my body.

This detoxification went with ups and downs because my body reacted strongly to it.

Because of the intensive guidance via mail and telephone and with the explanation of what was happening in my body, all by Mr. Oosterling, I was successful in becoming healthy again.

Soon I could start with going to work slowly. First two days per week in a separate room to be able to work without stimuli. From two days, to three days, six hours per day. This confirmed for me and for my colleagues that I was on the right track. After a few months, I was working full time again, five days per week.

I have been able to experience for myself what the differences are between the standardized medical examinations and treatments in the hospital and those of

The standardized medical examinations with all the norms and values have been developed for a large group of people. They do not hold into account the individual person/patient.

With, a recipe is developed with herbal formula, specifically for the situation that applies to you. They specifically treat the cause of the symptoms in your body.

My advice to my own hospital, the medical professionals and the patients is to utilize client specific treatments with chronic and complex symptoms/illnesses. I have personally experienced what a world of difference this makes.

I am glad that I have done this and that I am happy and healthy again.

Thank you very much,!

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“I now keep the Tick-Bite prevention formula from in my refrigerator at all times.”

I had an insect bite, I suspect it was a tick. The symptom I had is a red spot (diameter 10 cm) with the bite of a tick on the side of the back of the knee.

About four weeks later there was an oval circle that had become a lot larger with a diameter of 20 cm. The bite of the tick was less dark.

To fight the tick bite, I used an herbal formula that Robert had made.

The family physician proposed an antibiotic treatment. Because of the good experience I have with the formulas of Robert, I decided to choose the natural treatment.

After having used the Lyme herbal formula for about three weeks, I had a scan made at The scan showed that the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi is not demonstrable present in my body.

It is certain that my body is clean. It is not certain if this was about an infected tick bite. If that had been the case, then both the herbal formula and my immune system have done their jobs well.

If I ever were to be bitten by a tick again then I would choose again the natural treatment because the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi would be eradicated completely then.

I now keep the Tick-Bite prevention formula in my refrigerator at all times.

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”Once every three months I was sick. Then I found and their personalized treatment solution helped me purify my organs, blood and brain from toxins.”

Once every three months I was sick - an ‘autoimmune problem’ was the repeated diagnosis. My symptoms were: flu, hay fever, cold sores, perspiring, inflammations (sinuses, throat, ear), fever, shingles, diarrhoea and tiredness. I had seen many physicians, specialists and therapists, without any results.

With I was able to clean up a sickness history of many years within a very short time. My life is now free of flu and sinus infections and my energy level is better than ever.

I am 47 years old and I have been sick every three months for as long as I can remember. I live outside of the city, surrounded by nature and I have a healthy lifestyle.

A number of years ago a friend told me about Robert Oosterling of The scan of my body, the different diagnoses and the answers to the questions showed a clear picture of the underlying root cause behind my always returning symptoms/illnesses.

It turned out to be a combination of a number of viruses, bacteria and toxic substances/poisons (heavy metals and agricultural poisons). It is remarkable that they have natural solutions for ‘autoimmune diseases’ at

My treatment was geared towards the strengthening of my immune system. To be able to get rid of the active viruses and bacteria using the body itself. In addition, I received a vegetal formula to get rid of the heavy metals and the poisons. This formula binds these metals and poisons and carries them away.

My treatment consisted of a number of phases:

First, I received an herbal formula to cleanse the blood.
The next herbal formula was going to cleanse my organs and tissues.
The third herbal formula was to cleanse my lymph nodes.
The last herbal formula was going to detoxify my brain.

Robert also advised me to use a cleansing tea during this process. This supports the cleansing process in my body. During the first three months of the treatment I noticed I was very tired and I needed a lot of sleep. My immune system was hard at work to make my body healthy again. The organs, the blood, and then the brain were purified from toxins. The herbal formula, cleansing tea and the vegetal formula did their job. My body became cleaner all the time.

After about five months my body had recovered completely and ever since that time my immune system has been working under its own power. I notice it the most when my colleagues succumb by the dozen when there is another flu epidemic. Ever since the treatments I don’t become ill anymore.

When using the herbal formula, you adjust your pattern of eating and drinking. Germ vegetables, water and cleansing tea are still a part of my daily eat and drink pattern.

Basic products are the starting point of the daily nutrition. Using a simple nutrition list, I can tell which products are acidic or basic. By choosing acidic food I prevent my body from acidifying. The acidic products form a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Germs provide life energy in the cells. I can see this very clearly in my big head of hair. My hair was always very dry. Ever since I use the germs it is getting better slowly.

I thought it would be a big challenge to stop eating chocolate. When I used the herbal formula, it was easy to leave the chocolate and the sweets. An added advantage of not eating sweets is that my weight slowly comes down and the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses is declining.

I had chosen to have a number of continuing scans made during the treatment term. It is beautiful to see how the bodily processes are shown and you can follow the changing processes.

I am very positive about the treatments and the herbal formulas that Robert makes with I have been able to clean up an illness history of many years. My life no longer knows flu or sinus infections.

That my body can get well on its own, I have never been able to achieve with other medication and therapies. My immune system now cleans up viruses and bacteria by itself.

If you are looking for a personal treatment for ‘autoimmune illnesses’, I can recommend to you from my own experience.

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John Anthony

San Rafael - CA, USA


”I needed a natural treatment for the calcium/magnesium metabolism and kidney stress in particular”

Throughout our life, each of us discovers certain weak spots in our bodies. Spots that will show themselves as soon as there is a stressful situation. Maybe not at first, but certainly over time. It is important to find out what these spots are, but, more important, why mental and/or physical stress show themselves in this manner and in these spots.

I learnt at a early age how to recognize my personal weak spots and the fact that there was an underlying connection both physically and mentally. Although I knew how to cope with them, it was hard to find the right kind of support.

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me about the work of DisorderFree. What really appealed to me was the fact they are knowledgeable in the field of a traditional and herbal approach.

What suports me in keeping the physical problems out is their special and personalized tincture along with my focus of constantly working on a balanced state of mind.

I needed a natural treatment for the calcium/magnesium metabolism and kidney stress in particular, but the tincture works supports the good functioning of my entire body. I have and I will recommand it to any of my friends of family members!

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Hans van Delft

The Netherlands


“I always carry my Healthy Travel Pack with me while visiting exotic countries”

For many years, while travelling especially to mediterranean or overseas countries, I would carry all kinds of things - medicines, lotions, spray - to help me heal in case I would catch a virus, bacteria or fungus.

Not a bad idea as I wanted to be prepared for any scenario, but it always meant that I would have to do the treatment after being infected.

My prevention methods changed when someone informed me about a special natural treatment formula produced by for those who travel in exotic countries.

I have been using this real helpful herbal treatment since the summer of 2015. Maybe I was just lucky, but it is my strong impression that I have been safe while eating, drinking and breathing in countries and places where the risk of catching tropical diseases is very high.

To me, it’s a ‘better safe than sorry’ product that is easy to carry and use. I would choose prevention over a possible cure any time. Both my partner and daughter have used this travel pack too.

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mother of Leonie

a 2.5 years old girl diagnosed with CHARGE-Syndrome


"Of course, it is not a miracle - is the result of a hard working man who is passionate about alternative medicine and cures, and hi is very motivated to help people around him, who seem that have lost hope."

I was still pregnant with Leonie when the doctor put the prenatal diagnosis: Pièrre-Robin-Sequence.

My husband and I were devastated, knowing that that our little soul growing inside me will never have the life of a normal child. All the future parents around us, sitting in the waiting room at the medical center, were happy, talked about how they wish to have a blonde girl or a boy with the eyes like his father. All we wished for was a healthy girl - a miracle.

After her birth there were several diagnosis from the neonatologists:
Malformation complex with Pièrre-Robin sequence including palate gap, choanal gland, cyst in the tonsillar region (left), beam hypoplasia, cysts in the germinal matrix, Myelination delay, subaortic VSD, postnatal acidosis, arterial hypotonia.

In November 2016, Leonie has got the clinical diagnose: CHARGE-Syndrome.
She is psychomotorically retarded and during her first 15 months of life she was fed only by tube.

As you can imagine, everyday is a struggle, but we want to offer her a better life and we make everything we can to help her enjoy life like a normal, healthy kid does.

Now she can drink water from a glass and she tries more and more diversified food. Sometimes she still chokes, because she still is very sensitive when swallowing bigger pieces. And she still has to practice chewing.

For a girl her age - 2.5 years old, she is quite small and light: 78cm, 9kg.

We got to know Robert from DisorderFree thanks to our friend, Anne, who told us that he saw Leonie and he wished to help her. Anne trusted him and his method, and so did we.

We wanted to get rid of some hard viruses, which Robert had seen in her eyes, when we coincidentally met at Anne's summer party in 2016 and hoped for a better development.

So we contacted Robert by email and made an appointment. The cooperation with Robert was and still is really great! He is are a very charismatic, emphatic and really capable person!

We trust in him and his method: based on the medical status and a complex set of questions, Robert was able to create a unique natural treatment for Leonie, personalized for her health status and it worked miraculously. Of course, it is not a miracle - is the result of a hard working man who is passionate about alternative medicine and cures, and hi is very motivated to help people around him, who seem that have lost hope.

Leonie is much more active, much more curious in testing food and she puts on weight in a shorter time now. Surely there would be much more to say, but the main point is, that we are convinced, Robert have helped her in an outstanding way!

Thank you, Robert, so much and we would like to meet you again!

Best wishes Diana

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mother of Paula


“The treatments that healed my daughter's eye problem and my lack of energy”

I am a 51 year-old woman and have always tried to take care of my body and put attention to food and exercise. A few years ago my doctor discovered stones in my gall bladder, but they didn’t give me any troubles. I had started to take food supplements a few months earlier because I wanted more energy.

In my idea, I didn’t have any serious health problems when I came across Robert.

I went there mainly for prophylactic reasons, and brought my daughter (12 years). She often suffered from abdominal pain and had a serious eye problem (defect in binocularity). She was wearing very strong prismatic glasses, without them she had immediately bad headaches. I mentioned it although I didn’t really expect Robert could do anything about this. We had tried so many other things to sort out her vision or her (allegedly blocked) skull bones (special ophthalmology, osteopathy, INPP, chiropractor) without results. The eye doctor kept suggesting an operation.

What did Robert find and do
With me, he found a bunch of viruses and bacteria plus remnants of antibiotics (fungi) and lead. The viruses and bacteria would make me tired because my immune system had to struggle fight them. The lead would give me concentration problems. I had these problems but not realized they were health related issues. I had always thought I needed more sleep and had to work harder on my concentration. My gallbladder was in a poor state, full of bacteria, he assumed a former food poisoning.

With my daughter, Paula, he found also the bunch of viruses and bacteria and remnants of antibiotics. She had viruses on her visual nerves. He took off her glasses and gave her an instant treatment of the skull bones. Her head straightened. Than they did a few visual and imaginary exercises and she got an instruction how she could make her brain work differently. Her brain had to use the muscles that were responsible for the correct eye positioning and in sync with each other.

Our personalized prescription
We both got a personalized herbal formula based on plant extracts. We have to take it 3 times a day for a total of about 6 months. It cleans our blood, the organs and tissues and the lymphatic system from viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition I take a plant based solution to get the lead out of my body which can take up to one year. Also it is advised to support the detox process with alkaline food and drinks, a special cleaning tea, sauerkraut (good for the bones with lots of calcium and magnesium) and fresh sprouts.

Paula got the advice to leave off the glasses and to imagine her brain lets the muscles of her eyes dance instead of fighting each other. I know it sounds a bit weird, but as all previous attempts had failed and she was so eager to not needing the glasses again, it was our best option.

What is the outcome?
As (in my idea) I didn’t have a serious problem and the cleaning of the body is an ongoing process, I did not experience a huge sudden change, but I do have much more energy than before and my concentration improved. I immediately stopped the food supplements. Paula was amazing. She was so determined to see properly – and so relieved to get rid of the glasses. She never put them back on, although she had to go through 4 to 6 weeks with light vision problems (double vision). It got gradually better and now she sees fine – she plays tennis and volleyball (for which you need extremely good vision capacities) and no more headaches. We didn’t have her checked by a doctor, what for? Her abdominal pain has turned out to be strongly related to what she eats. It comes back if the eats too much ‘bad’ food (sweets, wheat flour, etc.). For me the advantages of this treatment are: It really takes away the underlying reasons for being ill or feeling weak or having pain. It gives you back the sovereignty over your body instead of allowing doctors talking you into health problems. And afterwards you know that you are healthy and there is no serious problem hidden somewhere in your body which is growing and might give lots of trouble you one day. Thank you so much, Robert!

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