Systemic Health Coaching

Learn the key elements to a balanced lifestyle

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The demands of private and professional lifestyle can take us to our limits more and more often, finally leading to exhaustion.

Being healthy was for a long time regarded as a status that is taken for granted until it is lost, but now we are more aware that is our responsibility to maintain an integrative healthy lifestyle.

The coach sessions structure

During the coaching sessions developed with the specialists of DisorderFree, we help you find a balance that allows you to discover a new life that suits your needs and lets you enjoy all the opportunities in life and face the challenges with strength.

We will decode the connections between your individual life process and your illness symptoms, problems, exhaustion, loss of energy and crises.

To accomplish this, our coaching sessions encompass:

  • Movement class
  • Nutrition class
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Sleep and stress management
  • Understanding the heal - whole - holy concept
  • The unity of Body, Spirit, Soul
  • Understanding your sources of strength, vibrancy and meaning
  • The art of mindfulness

"The issues that motivate people to develop realistic paths for a sustainable healthy life are different. Health encompasses the whole person. Everyone holds their own healing power, as a ‘blueprint’ for their health."

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