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About Robert Oosterling

Why did he and other humans found the not-for-profit,

Why did they donate their time, human capital, and knowledge for this journey?

Why did stop?

Robert Oosterling is honored and criticized in many ways.

This rewarding mechanism is part of the world wherein we are living.

We live in a world where ‘the light’ and ‘the darkness’ are competing.


Instead of stepping together into ‘the light,’ live healthily and prevent ourselves from diseases, many feel comfortable inside the darkness.


We knew that 75% and more of fellow humans with symptoms and diseases had this because of unhealthy regulated dietary food advice and consumption because of research.

We knew about the sugars, the sugar look-a-likes, and chemicals inside the processed food that cause illnesses like cancer, diabetes, nerve-brain-muscle diseases, etc.

We had seen fellow humans suffering, sadness, desperation, burn-out, depressions, losing their lives, etc.

Building a healthier world for ourselves and our children is a journey. In the last hundred years, we lost connection with nature and the knowledge from our ancestors.

By choosing to be active inside awareness and finding solutions for unhealthy-food-created illnesses, we contributed to the needed change.


When someone benefits from your support, you become a hero.

When somebody doesn't benefit, or not wholly, or manoeuvred themselves into an unhealthy position, you become the bad guy.


The reason for the global cooperation with good fellow humans was simple; the movement to change the corrupted unhealthy food and health regulations had to start. And the monopoly position inside the western health care system had to change in freedom of choice.


The players inside the monopoly system used all their influences to stop us. In many ways, it felt like standing in front of a giant. We faced the media and so-called experts’ power of spreading public lies and falsehoods.


We also met many humans inside the western health care system that do honest independent research. And many doctors, nurses, etc. giving healthy food advice to their patients.,


In the twelve years of activities, we achieved much, and at the same time, not all wishes are entirely fulfilled. It is a relief and inspiring to see how large the group has grown and openly protest for a healthy change.


Robert Oosterling contributed continuously to realized the change that is needed to regain humans health back.


What is realized together in the last twelve years;

  • The public awareness increased gigantic,

    • From 2% to 60-80%,

    • The false corrupted media lost its trustworthiness and most of their influence,

  • The humans around the world that educated themselves in the options of treatments increased,

    • In several countries, 80% of humans first look for healthy food and natural treatments before they go to the pharmacy for chemical treatments,

  • The disorder awareness and recognition related to symptoms and diseases increased.

    • The same media that blamed us for many years is communicating now that we were and are entirely right,

  • Many books published to inform fellow humans about ways to improve our health,

    • Also, look to the humans that publish studies about healthy food,

  • The number of humans protesting inside the unhealthy food and health system increased,

    • What started with the first whistleblowers is now public knowledge,

    • Many professors, doctors, nurses, partitioners, etc. are openly protesting,

  • The number of humans that changed and stopped their unhealthy food consumption increased

  • In 2019, the WHO embraced Asian medicines, which gives natural options for most of the symptoms and diseases and free choice of treatments.


For Asian medicine recognition, we still hear and see much resistance inside the corrupted false media. This resistance is part of their commitment to the monopoly of unhealthy food and health system. Let them expose their negative stories; their trustworthiness is over. This corrupted media is losing every day from honest humans who communicate and share knowledge offline and online every day.


Twelve years ago, humans sharing information about unhealthy food and health care corruption became ‘madmen and liars’ through so-called experts and media communication. Anno 2020 means that 60-70% of the global population have this ‘madmen and liars’ classification. This global awareness is a big win. Thank you all for your commitment and perseverance.


We embraced the plant-based part of the Asian medicines completely and commented on protecting animals.


We also have to admit that not everything had the result that all of us wished. On the content of this website, we described some of the situations.

As a not-for-profit, donated their financial support to research and development of plant-based formulas. As planned, we shared all the results with other health researchers to continue our discoveries and stopped our activities in 2019.

We are humbled and thankful for every brother and sister  that contribute and join the global healthy-movement.

Thank you all around the globe very much for your effort in this achieved results.

Thanks to every human that made this change possible.


Let stop the corrupted, unhealthy food and health care regulations and system together.

Together we can make a change. When we keep fighting each other in confusion and fear, we lose precious time, and this healthy change will never come.


We wish you healthy food, free choice, and healthy life.


Start your health journey today.

Robert Oosterling

Robert Oosterling
Robert Oosterling