Plant medicine

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Plant medicine, completely Natural.

Plant medicine is one of our oldest medicines. The oldest writings are from thousands of years ago.

The Cultural Chinese Medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are well-known Asiatic examples.

Why using chemicals when Natural is healthy?

No wonder that the modern pharmaceutical companies base their chemical/synthetic medicines on existing natural recipes. One of the reasons why pharmaceutical medicine has a chemical composition is because of market protection. An investment in medication is protected via Intellectual Ownership (Patents).

However, it is known that side effects of medication originate from the chemical composition.

Our Natural choice

At DisorderFree we have decided from the beginning to only use 100% natural plant-based substances. Because of this we prevent undesired side effects and your immune system gets the best possible support.

Our plant medicinal researches are fully focused on the optimization of existing plant-based recipes and the development of new recipes.

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