Wat onze patiënten u vertellen

Steffi de Pous

”Doctors said I will remain incurably ill for the rest of my life and therefore dependent on Western medication. I choose to fight and follow another path”

On February 14, 2014, I was on a small island in Thailand and I found myself in a hospital. For days, I was suffering from severe headaches, had to throw up a lot and my body was starting to shut down. I lost consciousness and felt that death was at my doorstep.

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mother of Leonie
a 2.5 years old girl diagnosed with CHARGE-Syndrome

"Of course, it is not a miracle - is the result of a hard working man who is passionate about alternative medicine and cures, and hi is very motivated to help people around him, who seem that have lost hope."

I was still pregnant with Leonie when the doctor put the prenatal diagnosis: Pièrre-Robin-Sequence.

My husband and I were devastated, knowing that that our little soul growing inside me will never have the life of a normal child. All the future parents around us, sitting in the waiting room at the medical center, were happy, talked about how they wish to have a blonde girl or a boy with the eyes like his father. All we wished for was a healthy girl - a miracle.

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Jan de Lugt

”Because it was ‘worn out’ I was given a ‘new’ knee in 2013. The procedure seemed to have been successful but after 9 months I developed pain complaints.”

Without a clear reason, my knee kept swelling up. Twice a week it would fill with blood and fluids.

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Steffi de Pous

”The Travel Pack made it possible for us to help and support all refugees in a humanitarian way”

The Travel Pack, a protected feeling. In 2015, together with two friends, we decided to start collecting Baby slings for women who carried children in their arms for weeks while they were on the run.

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Monique van Lierop

”The Travel Pack helps your immune system to cleanse your blood so that possible harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites can be removed fast from your system.”

When I went travelling with my eleven-year-old son I wanted to have the most natural protection for him and myself! The utmost protective instinct is for your child, so we opted for the Travel Pack from DisorderFree. My son was relieved right away and understood immediately that this was the best for us. He easily believes in the power of body and mind - how fantastic is that!

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”Sent home with ‘Mental Burn-Out’ by my physicians collegues, diagnosed with a high dose of lead and mercury by dr. Oosterling”

From being a employee in the hospital, I became a patient and I discovered the other side of medical care.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I discovered I was extremely dizzy and I could not hear or see anything for about 15 minutes.

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“I now keep the Tick-Bite prevention formula from in my refrigerator at all times.”

I had an insect bite, I suspect it was a tick. The symptom I had is a red spot (diameter 10 cm) with the bite of a tick on the side of the back of the knee.

About four weeks later there was an oval circle that had become a lot larger with a diameter of 20 cm. The bite of the tick was less dark.

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John Anthony

San Rafael - CA, USA

”I needed a natural treatment for the calcium/magnesium metabolism and kidney stress in particular”

Throughout our life, each of us discovers certain weak spots in our bodies. Spots that will show themselves as soon as there is a stressful situation. Maybe not at first, but certainly over time. It is important to find out what these spots are, but, more important, why mental and/or physical stress show themselves in this manner and in these spots.

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Once every three months I was sick. Then I found and their personalized treatment solution helped me purify my organs, blood and brain from toxins.”

Once every three months I was sick - an ‘autoimmune problem’ was the repeated diagnosis. My symptoms were: flu, hay fever, cold sores, perspiring, inflammations (sinuses, throat, ear), fever, shingles, diarrhoea and tiredness. I had seen many physicians, specialists and therapists, without any results.

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Hans van Delft

The Netherlands

“I always carry my Healthy Travel Pack with me while visiting exotic countries”

For many years, while travelling especially to mediterranean or overseas countries, I would carry all kinds of things - medicines, lotions, spray - to help me heal in case I would catch a virus, bacteria or fungus.

Not a bad idea as I wanted to be prepared for any scenario, but it always meant that I would have to do the treatment after being infected.

My prevention methods changed when someone informed me about a special natural treatment formula produced by for those who travel in exotic countries.

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mother of Paula

“The treatments that healed my daughter's eye problem and my lack of energy”

I am a 51 year-old woman and have always tried to take care of my body and put attention to food and exercise. A few years ago my doctor discovered stones in my gall bladder, but they didn’t give me any troubles. I had started to take food supplements a few months earlier because I wanted more energy.

In my idea, I didn’t have any serious health problems when I came across Robert.

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Monique van Lierop

”My lifestyle has changed quite a lot! The scanning, the vegetal solution and the mental coaching work fast and efficient!”

Robert and I have known each other for years… would I mind undergoing a scan for a research project where the body scan results could be used as additional information for the diagnosis of the physician?

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