Hormone-free Contraception

Over 1,000 years proven effectiveness.

We offer Hormone-free Contraception. Our product is completely natural, 100% plant based, therefore without animal hormones.

The basis of our Hormone-free Contraception is over 1,000 years old and has proven its effectiveness. For example in China it was successfully applied during the era of the one child policy.

Maximally protected!

It works using two protection steps:

  • Protection 1: ensures that the ovum (the egg) is protected from the sperm so there can be no fertilization.
  • Protection 2: ensures that the ovum cannot nestle in the uterus, so there can be no pregnancy.

Because of these two protection steps you are maximally protected.

Additional benefits

In addition to the contraception protection, our product has many other positive effects. Because of the natural formula your hormone level remains stable and your female energy increases.

A stable hormone level prevents menstrual complaints, undesired weight gain and mood swings. There are many other positive effects when you use our natural Hormone-free Contraception.

Regain your normal fertility

Because no animal hormones are being used, you will regain your normal fertility after you stop using the natural Hormone-free Contraception.

Order our Hormone-free Contraception in the web shop and experience all the positive characteristics for yourself.

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