Hearing recovery methods

Research the best working Hearing recovery methods

Incorrect diagnoses

The diagnosis ‘your cilia are damaged’ is usually wrong. This is a much-heard explanation to people with loss of hearing or age-related deafness. Research shows that in many cases this is not correct.

There often is another cause for your loss of hearing or age-related deafness. A cause that we can treat.

Medication such as Antibiotics can have side effects such as the hardening of the cilia which can result in hearing loss.

A short explanation about our hearing system

The cochlea (Endolymph and Perilymph) in our ear converts sound into electrical impulses. Between our cochlea and our brain these electrical impulses are filtered for noise. When the filtering system does not filter or insufficiently filters the ‘impulse-noise’, then our brain often is less able to convert the electrical impulses into clear hearing information. That results in our inability to hear clearly.

Having a hard time hearing in group conversations is usually the first sign of loss of hearing or age-related deafness. Hearing in one-to-one conversations is often possible longer.

We discovered this together with our test group

In our test group we saw that a huge improvement can be achieved with few means.

On a regular basis we experienced beautiful and touching situations where loved ones and/or family members who had not been able to understand each other for years were able to converse again during the hearing trainings.

People in the test group often could hear sufficiently again to take part in social encounters, mostly without hearing aids, after our Natural treatments and hearing trainings.

Activation of the filtering system

During the research we discovered that it is relatively easy to reactivate the filtering function in the hearing system.

The exercises that we conducted in the test group have been recorded. The technology that is necessary to have people train their filtering system again at home has been worked out in concept form.

Because hearing trainings and the necessary technology have to be further developed in order to make the products for practicing at home, we will investigate if there are technology partners and funds available to cooperate in making this form of hearing recovery possible.

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