Healthy Travel Pack

Carefree travel in tropical countries

Carefree travel in tropical countries

Are you planning to go to an exotic destination during your holiday or make a business trip to a tropical country?

You need a travel pack that has the right treatment for when you visit a tropical country with high risk of tropical diseases.

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The travel kit contains two products:

  • Prevention herbal formula for tropical symptoms/diseases
  • Anti-food poisoning

You no longer have to worry about the immunization vaccines designed for the tropical symptoms/diseases and the medication for malaria, because our natural formula is a safe alternative. The second product is the anti-food poisoning treatment that you start only if you have symptoms of food poisoning.

Easy steps to safe travel


Order the Travel Immunization Pack from our online store and you will receive the product by post or express delivery at the address you chose. You do not need prescription for this treatment.


As a prevention measure, you must start the immunization treatment 2 days before arriving in a tropical country. The prevention product has a liquid herbal formula and you will find the doses on the label.


The product has oral administration and you have to mix every day 1 ml of our natural product with a glass of clean drinking water. The prevention works for the coming 24 hours.


Finish the treatment 7 days after you leave the tropical country.

  • In case of fever, increase the daily dose to 3 x 2 ml to support your immune system to clean your blood system. You continue the treatment for 7 days after the fever stops and the body temperature is normal.
  • Use anti-food poisoning is only after food poisoning symptoms.


about the travel pack

Q: Who can use this travel pack?

A: Anyone who lives in / travels to tropical countries: expats, travellers, caregivers, pilots, medical professionals etc.

Q: Are there any known / possible side effects?

A: There are no negative side effects for the body.

Q: Does it replace the vaccine?

A: Yes, prevention replace the immunization vaccines for tropical symptoms/diseases and the medication for malaria.

Q: Do I need prescription for the treatment?

A: No, you don’t need a prescription. You can order this product in our online store.

Q: What should I know about the interactions with other treatments and drugs?

A: Our personalized natural treatment can be used in combination with other medications. We don’t recommend combination with narcotic drugs.

Q: What is the link between the treatment and other diseases?

A: This recipe is made only to protect you from tropical symptoms/diseases. In general, during the treatment you support your immune system to clean the blood system. This can have a positive effect on other symptoms/diseases in your body.

Q: Is there a link between food and treatment?

A: Most people become ill because of eating and drinking infected food. You should eat food only from safe kitchens and always drink water from clean origins. In most tropical countries you can buy clean drinking water in bottles. If this isn’t available, we recommend you boil and filter the water.

Q: Does the treatment influence pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A: No, there are no restrictions. All our herbal formulae are safe for mother and baby.

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