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Living vital and fit

There has been research that has shown that seniors of 100 years and older can live healthy, vital and fit lives without any problems, medications and Devices to help them get around.

Some examples of locations where many people are living vital and fit lives are in: Okinawa (Japan), Acciaroli (Italy), Sardinia (Italy), Loma Linda (California) Nicoya (Costa Rica) and Icaria (Greece).

The question then is what keeps us locked up in disabilities, diseases and suffering. From research it appears that the disabilities and diseases of the seniors are mostly due to loneliness, unnecessary use of medication, unhealthy food, not enough exercise and unhealthy lifestyles.

Stop the thought association between old age and diseases!

Old age is unjustly paired to diseases and disabilities. There is even an entire economical revenue model created where you are told that old age, diseases and medication belong together.

Our research about seniors living vital and fit

In our research for the best support for seniors we focus on the repair and support of the self repairing ability.

Even at a later age our bodies renew our body cells and therefor also our organs. This allows our bodily functions to continue without restrictions.

This means that diseases such as; Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Korsakov, Diabetes, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism, etc. can also be cured and prevented for seniors.

In our research we want to show that:

  • 1: Seniors can live fit and vital
  • 2: How this can be realized for seniors
  • 3: How the environment can support seniors in being vital and fit at a later age

Participation is possible for:

  • Seniors
  • Housing and living communities for seniors
  • Physicians and Therapists
  • Caretakers of seniors

Our senior support

Our senior support has a number of points:

  • Support the immune system by means of the best plant-based formula in cleansing the disorders from the body
  • Support of the self repairing ability of the body
  • Support of healthy cell renewal
  • Support and advise for seniors, practitioners, caretakers and senior housing

Our senior support conforms to the EU legislation in the form of plant-based food supplements.

Examples of our Healthy Senior support program.

From our experience we see the following intake moments:


Type of support Description Intake moment
Prevention To stabilize health and to prevent diseases 1 x per day
Improvement of physical health To stabilize and improve health First 6 months 2 x per day, then 1 x per day
Improvement of mental health To stabilize and improve health First 6 months 2 x per day then 1 x per day
Improvement of physical and mental health To stabilize and improve health First 6 months 2 x per day then 1 x per day


Note: Our plant-based senior support formulas support and strengthen your immune system. The goal is to let you be more fit and vital in old age. Our plant-based formulas can be used in combination with your present medication.

In case of severe illness, a suitable treatment has to take place before our senior support program. We can advise you in this free of charge.

Take part in our Healthy Senior support research

Our research consists of (part 1):

  • Registration or Intake by your practitioner (physician or therapist)
  • Studying of the Medical dossier
  • Healthy Senior support proposition
  • Start of the Healthy Senior support program
  • Check-ups after three months, six and twelve months

Our research consists of (part 2):

  • Information regarding progress of your practitioner
  • Quarterly online progress check-up (short questionnaire)
  • Processing of information
  • Presentation of the results
  • Advice Healthy Senior support


Take part in our Healthy Senior support research

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