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What are Disorders ?

What are the relations between disorders and food choices?

Let share some of the knowledge.

Do your research and find many more findings and relations.

Disorders and food

Healthy food was, for centuries, the way to keep humans healthy. In history, societies prevented themselves by eating and drinking healthy food for most diseases and epidemics. Important and lifesaving ancestor’s knowledge that we forgot and lost during the last hundred years. All ingredients are even today available in high quantities; we only lost the connection with the knowledge and experience of using them.


It doesn’t matter what you believe or accepts to consider. It doesn’t matter or you are religious or not.


Nature inclusive human life is a big miracle. Somehow the natural force recovers fast, and in ways, we can’t explain.


What we see is that everything in nature is about diversification. In a forest and natural lands, you find a wide variety of living organisms.


Billions of microscopic organisms are busy with transforming each part in another part. In the soil, you find the same process as in our body. The bacteria, fungi, etc. digest the bigger parts into smaller building blocks so that the plants can absorb them and grow. The sun’s power lets the plant grow and transform the building blocks into healthy digestive fibers, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, etc.


When we eat the plants, we eat natural solar energy and transform this inside our gut (digestion) into the energy we need to power our body and mind functions.


When we eat meat from an animal, we eat the transformed energy. In food marketing, meat is classified as ‘high density.’


In short, one of the views on Disorders:

When nature and our body is out of natural balance, we create a disorder risk. Viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, and other infectious agents can enter and life inside our bodies and ‘dis-order our natural balance.’


When the immune system cannot restore the natural balance inside our bodies, inflammation can increase. And symptoms and illnesses are the result.


Healthy food makes a huge difference in prevention and this balance restoring process.


In the years that Disorderfree.org was active, we aimed to support fellow humans to restore their natural balance by themselves. For medical advice and treatments, they should visit their local doctor.


This balance restoring process is 95% based on the person’s ability and 5% of our input. Restoring the natural balance is different for every situation.


Three food-related examples:


Example 1:

A person that runs frequently and at the same time doesn’t eat and drink healthily will end up in a situation that the joints, bones, and muscles will degenerate because of too less calcium, magnesium, etc.

Restoring natural balance takes time and requires discipline and healthy food choices.


When in the situation above, the same person also has infection agents like a virus and bacteria that damage the joints, joint pain will show up.


When in the situation above, the person has heavy metals (like mercury, amalgam, lead) inside the joins, the body’s repair process is disturbed.


Example 2:

In the last years, we developed food advice for doctors and partitioners.

A person that joined this development was always tired. At eleven o’clock in the morning (11.00 AM), this person needed to go to bed for the rest of the day. Desperation and depression followed. We analysed the daily food intake and found out that the energy dip came from the chocolate that this person consumed in the morning. After the food adjustment, the energy level raised, and the depression disappeared.


In independent researches, they discovered that many different types of sugar become toxic in the body. This toxification damages the organs, cells, tissues, etc. and reduce the immune system functions. The immune system tries to clean the sugar toxification from the body and repair the damages; these immune system activities cost a lot of energy.


Many independent kinds of research show the relation between food and health issues.

In many cases, the cause of an illness is already found and documented in studies, reports, etc. I invite you to do your research before judging and expend your knowledge.


Example 3:

We have seen many different symptoms and diseases related to the diets that people had chosen.


A person who doesn’t eat and drink for a long time (or during extreme fasting) loses in high-speed essential building blocks like minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.

The de body, organs, muscles, bones, cells, etc. will degenerate quickly.


Extreme fasten has a different result for a person with obesity than a person already under-weighted or with severe disease.


A person that uses hard or soft drugs will also have a different result.

Results like an increase of symptoms, diseases, pain, loss of reality, and depression.


In all the unhealthy and malnourished food cases that we have seen, the immune system has weakened for a long time. We have also seen people after extreme fasting with seriously damaged gut-life and excessive symptom and disease development.


How does this relate to the immune system functions?

In the basics, the immune system is the defence system from the body, including organs, blood, tissues, etc. Like with every mechanism in nature, this system needs the right food to realize a perfect job.


By restoring the natural balance, the immune system can maintain her job.

According to independent studies, the current dietary food advice (see homepage) creates 75% of all the western diseases.


In more specific words, the diversity in building blocks are (inside the regulated dietary food advice), so wrongly balanced that the body and the immune system can’t maintain their job in the right way.


This low diversity diet causes diseases that could be prevented by consuming healthy food.


According to several studies, cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, arthritis, heart-attacks, strokes, brain, muscle, nerve disorders, etc. can be grouped in chronic and metabolic diseases.


We invite you to do your research before judging.


A note for consideration:

In the years that we were active, we received many thanks and appreciations.

Many fellow humans recovered in a short period. Depending on the condition, others maintained a quality of living. We learned and together tried to find solutions that worked. We are thankful to anyone who wanted to restore their natural balance.


We thank all fellow humans who joined and supported us on this journey. We also thank the doctors, scientists, professors, and practitioners for sharing their knowledge, experiences, and for their cooperation. Thanks to all the knowledge-sharing, together we found answers in researches that are closed for the outside world.


Many fellow humans use drugs like THC/CBD, heroin, cocaine, Ayahuasca, MDMA/XTC/ecstasy, etc. When you read the studies, you will never use hard and soft drugs.


We have seen the dramatic real-life hard and soft drugs cases with the negative impact on humans health and lives.

In the last years, we have seen fellow humans dying after using their home-made (or so-called medical) CBD oils. Studies show, for example, that only 2% CBD can or will kill you.

Regardless of the reasons, experimenting with hard and soft drugs doesn’t match with health and a healthy lifestyle.

We also received some negative comments. We sincerely apologize for these comments and experiences. We did our very best to do our part right.


We have shortly participated in a study where there came a discussion between the patients and their western doctors. This wasn’t our study; the western doctor initiated and conducted that study. During the discussion that followed between patients and their doctor, we supported the patients, and the western doctor paid the cost back to his patients.

Nobody has access to an infinite life. According to our ancestors the purpose of life on earth is to discover and learn. According to the religious writings, before birth and after this life we are in another world.


Changing the natural balance is a job that requires time, discipline, healthy food and lifestyle choices, and above all, common sense. Restoring the natural balance is also possible together with most of the existing treatments in the western health care system.


Interesting is that the western doctors who commented negatively about the existence of disorders and the relation to food should read the many studies and have the guts to advise healthy food to support their treatments.


In the current social distance crisis, the same so-called experts and media that blamed the idea of disorders in the body as the cause of a symptom and disease are now supporting this vision. Thank you very much!


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.



Hippocratic stated, “Let Food be thy Medicine.”

The original Hippocratic Oat is related to food and prevention.


Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa


Stay ignorant and curious.


We wish you all a healthy life and freedom of choice.