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Our origin

In 2007, a group of medical specialists came together from different medical disciplines consisting of professors, doctors, virologists, bacteriologists, therapists, researchers and plant medicinal specialists.

Everybody came with the wish to be able to offer affordable natural treatments which are capable of solving symptoms within six months and let the body heal and be cured.

Part of this wish is to protect customers from more severe symptoms and diseases.

By converting these wishes into actions, the following was set in motion:

- the study for the best working Natural Medicine Recipes in the world

- the building of a production process to obtain all medicinal substances from plants

- the building of a special process to be able to produce the recipes automatically

All recipes are judged on their medicinal working, on the worldwide availability of the needed plants and on the quality of the medicinal substances.

Many of the recipes have been applied successfully for centuries and by many generations.

A part of these recipes was only accessible for the higher classes in our society until recently. By opening up the medical archives and private libraries the best working recipes could be traced and researched. During our research we found surprising recipes and opinions that were only accessible for Kings, Emperors, Czars and Pharaohs for centuries.

From the beginning, we have been supported by people who have been sympathetic with our vision and goals. These people come from all layers and backgrounds of our society. A number of prominent families and multinationals have supported us selflessly to make this process possible.

Complementing many other researches we conducted a thorough research in cooperation with twenty thousand customers to the underlying causes of different symptoms and diseases.

We also researched the most effective methods to be able to successfully treat the disorders within six months.

Next we optimized our treatment protocol further and you can find the results in our web shop.

We deliver to doctors, therapists, clinics and end users.


Our vision is to make Natural treatments available for everybody on this earth.

Where others put profit in the first place by only suppressing symptoms (which you then need to do the rest of your life), we help you to actually solve the underlying cause of your disorders.

This will allow you to live your life healthy again.


Our mission is to spread our knowledge and healing to all countries in the world.

We respect and strengthen the self-healing capacities of your body, using a holistic perspective: body – mind – food. From 4,000 plant-based substances we produce over 40,000 different natural treatment combinations.

We are always searching for the combination of the best quality and affordable solutions for our customers.

Together we can rise by lifting others. Together we make our world a healthier place.”

In 1992 I founded an NGO for clean drinking water, health and education projects in West Africa.

During the next 5 years, we delivered clean drinking water to over 220 people, invented replacement spare parts for 20 different drinking water pumps, built health and birth clinics and helped a new technical school to build and maintain their practice classrooms.

In the following years, I invented and developed several new products and worldwide patents for different companies. Some inventions are very technical, while others are healthcare related.

21 years ago, in 1997, I decided to invest all my human capital in a new technology in order to develop personalized natural medicine recipes and herbal formulas. During this period, I started to study 40,000 proven and best working natural medicine recipes. I researched the relations between the working elements in the plants and the effect they have on the effectiveness of the immune system.



In 2007, I took the next step and founded DisorderFree.org.

Now we have a complete system, from online diagnostics, tailormade personalized natural medicine recipes, and production of herbal formula. We continue to learn every day. We use knowledge from different healing arts and new researches to always improve our methods, technology and products.


Robert Oosterling

Founder of DisorderFree

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