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What are the Aging Effects ?

Do we die from unhealthy food advice, a disease or from the aging effects that chemicals and radioactive materials cause in our bodies ?

Aging effects from Chemical treatments inside our bodies

Chemotherapy has developed in the last decades. In the beginning, most of the patients that received chemotherapy died.


Still, today chemotherapy isn’t always a lifesaver. Luckily for the humans that receive chemotherapy, the results are far better than in the beginning, and the side effects are more under control.


As far as we know, the aging effects are never explained and communicated with patients.


Researchers in aging effects informed the western health industry on the impact of chemotherapy.


Every chemotherapy has an aging effect. It makes the body older.

According to researchers in aging effects, this is between ten and twenty-five years.


There are similar aging effects seen with the radioactive materials to perform a PET scan.


Some questions to ask:

  • What does this mean?

  • When one chemotherapy makes the body ten to twenty-five years older, is then the cause of death chemical aging effects?

  • I am twenty-eight, received six PET scans inside six months? Do I die then because of chemical aging effects?

  • I received four chemo treatments. Do I lose my memory now because of chemical aging effects or from the chemotherapy?


The same official statement as with food is: Ask your regulator and doctor.


Some of the many stories that humans told us:


  • My partner received chemotherapy and never became the same as before. Nobody told us this. They tell us every time that everything is alright.

  • My partner lost his memory after chemotherapy. Early dementia is the diagnosis.

  • My partner became aggressive after chemotherapy. Before chemotherapy, he was the most peaceful and loving person we knew.

  • My boss is the leading expert for oncology. He advised me particular chemotherapy for my diagnose. The surviving rate should be ninety present. When I read the studies myself as a medical doctor, my survival rate is less than five percent.

  • My lovely partner was twenty-eight years when the doctor made the first PET scan; the conclusion wasn’t clear. In six months, she received six PET scans. I love her, and at the same time, I see and feel a significantly older woman beside me. My mother and grandmother are more vital than my lovely young partner. I see that my partner is rapidly aging and dying.

  • I’m forty years and feel like an older elderly adult; the chemotherapy made me older.

  • My partner can’t walk and communicate anymore after the PET scan; how is this possible. The doctor told us explicitly that half an hour after the PET scan, the radioactive fluid leaves the body by urinating.

  • Etc. etc.


We have never been against chemotherapy. We understand the treatment risks and possibilities.


Following regulations, we told humans to visit their local doctors and ask the questions they have.


Parallel, we asked western doctors to develop a system where patients can find the information with a free choice between different world treatments.