Cancer and Natural Treatments

Research into the effects of cancer and Natural treatments

Cancer en Natural treatments

After we unfortunately lost family and friends to cancer we started a thorough research on our own about the best possible Natural treatments for different forms of cancer.

We started with research into which methods and treatments work best for the different diagnoses of cancer.

Statistics about results of treatment

Because statistics in research results often give a distorted picture, it is important to thoroughly understand the statistics on treatment results, it is important to thoroughly vet the statistics about results of treatment before relying on the presented results that we can find in the media and on the internet.

As an example; a 40% curing treatment result has a 100% deadly result for the other 60% of the researched group.

A deadly result is an enormous loss for the ones left behind; family and friends who will still experience that loss every day.

The request for our research team

Our loved ones and the people left behind requested us to realize the best possible Natural treatments for the different cancer diagnoses.

They requested us urgently to continue to research what cancer is exactly. And which processes cause illness and also which processes are healing. All this to make the best prevention possible for cancer.

Our loved ones discovered that a lot is being written about cancer, but that even the experts and the specialists usually have no idea what cancer is exactly.

Two different points of view about cancer

In the Western medicine, cancer is viewed as the mutation of a normal healthy body cell into an aggressive tumor cell. This tumor cell continues to grow unchecked and divides itself into many other tumor cells.

In the Western medicine the killing of the tumor cells is viewed as the only effective way to combat cancer.

In the Natural medicine the underlying cause is viewed differently. If we look at our natural cell renewal, then we see that every time when your body creates a new body cell, the old body cell is eliminated. If, however the elimination of these old body cells stagnates, and they start accumulating in your body, then a kind of ‘compost heap of body cells’ is created. If this ‘compost heap’ starts to ‘rot and decompose’, these cells are referred to as tumor cells/cancer cells.

In the Natural medicine the strengthening and activation of the elimination process of the old body cells is viewed as the most effective way to remove tumor cells/cancer cells.

Fear when making a choice

We acknowledge and understand the fear after a diagnosis of cancer by whomever treats you (physician and/or therapist). After receiving your diagnosis, we advise you to make a choice of what fits you most after you have settled down, when you’re at peace. To share this choice with the person who treats you in an open conversation. To thoroughly research the possibilities of the treatments during that conversation.

The diagnosis cancer is viewed by many people as the beginning of a disease process that has death as a result. The many examples of being cured after the diagnosis cancer show the opposite.

We request from practitioners to explain the different treatment possibilities to patients in all openness.

Our ongoing research

Our ongoing research into cancer and Natural treatments.

In our research we cooperate with physicians and therapists who treat patients with the diagnosis cancer.

As a first step we offer a physical scan as an Intake to discover which disorders (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, chemical substances etc.) are in the body and can be related to the diagnosis. For this we use the clear relations that have been found in medical and biological researches all over the world of different medicines, how disorders lead to weakness and diseases.

Then we offer Natural treatments with the focus on:

  • 1: Cleansing your body
  • 2: Maximum support of your body’s power to heal
  • 3: Maximum support of a healthy cell renewal

Besides the physical view of your body’s processes we also look at your diagnosis from a System medicinal view. Hereby we also look at the mental processes that can be related to your diagnosis.

We see for instance that stress and unprocessed traumatic experiences have a negative influence on the power to heal and the healthy cell renewal in your body.

Additionally, we see strong improvements with people who have a healthy lifestyle during and after the treatments. The physical body then has more power to heal.

We see that people who actively support their physical body in the healing process and also are open to the processing of unprocessed traumas achieve the best results in healing.

Duration of the cleansing process

From our experience we see the following durations of time:


Process Description Duration of the treatment (indication)
Cleansing process 1 Pre-stadium cancer cell development 9 months (6 months treatment + 3 months immunity support)
Cleansing process 2 Diagnosis cancer in one part of the body 12 months (6 months treatment + 6 months immunity support)
Cleansing process 3 Diagnosis cancer in more than one part of the body 18 months (6 months treatment + 12 months immunity support)


Note: In case other treatments have already occurred then this can influence the duration. With the use of long-term chemo, hormonal and/or immune therapies the average cleansing period is extended with 6 months. With every diagnosis of cancer, we see as addition on our treatments positive results with; Zhineng exercises, body massages with special herbal oils and activation of meridian systems by means of acupuncture.

Take part in our research

Our research consists of (part 1):

  • Intake by your practitioner (physician or therapist)
  • Body scan to detect the co-infections
  • Studying of the Medical dossier
  • Treatment proposition
  • Start of the Natural treatment
  • Check-ups after three months, six and twelve months
  • For process 3 additionally a check-up after sixteen months

Our research consists of (part 2):

  • Information regarding progress of your practitioner
  • Monthly online progress check-up (short questionnaire)
  • Processing of information
  • Presentation of the results
  • Advice treatment protocol


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