DisorderFree is a health center that creates natural treatment to help patients heal from physical, mental and systemic disorders.

We dedicate our work to researching, developing and producing the best personalized natural treatment to stop the underlying root cause that is responsible for your symptoms / diseases.

We help patients heal by combining the self-healing capacity of the body from a holistic point of view with the power of 4,000 herbal extracts that we use to produce over 40,000 combinations for treatment.

Our focus is to make the best personalized treatment that works fast and efficiently.

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”I live in a world where we care about each other. Where we give our best to everyone who needs a helping hand. My part is to constantly improve the process we developed at DisorderFree and to offer the best personalized natural treatments.
Together we can rise by lifting others.”

Robert Oosterling



DisorderFree personalized natural treatments are for you if you want to


Gain control over your body

Prevent the development of diseases

Keep your health in excellent conditions

This treatment can heal you if you suffer from:

  • Chronic symptoms/diseases
  • Inflammation based symptoms/diseases
  • Toxic substances based symptoms/diseases
  • Immune system based symptoms/diseases
  • Viruses / bacteria / parasites / fungi / toxic substance based symptoms/diseases
  • Neglected tropical symptoms/disease
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The personalized treatment works as a prevention method if you:

  • Travel to tropical countries, protecting you from food poisoning or tropical symptoms/illnesses
  • Want to protect against for Lyme disease / Lyme borreliosis after a tick bite
  • Want to clear your body after use from antibiotics
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mother of Leonie

a 2.5 years old girl diagnosed with CHARGE-Syndrome


"Of course, it is not a miracle - is the result of a hard working man who is
passionate about alternative medicine and cures, and hi is very motivated to help people around him, who seem that have lost hope."

I was still pregnant with Leonie when the doctor put the prenatal diagnosis: Pièrre-Robin-Sequence.

My husband and I were devastated, knowing that that our little soul growing inside me will never have the life of a normal child. All the future parents around us, sitting in the waiting room at the medical center, were happy, talked about how they wish to have a blonde girl or a boy with the eyes like his father. All we wished for was a healthy girl - a miracle.

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You can have a medicine and Asthma free life!

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