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What is health ?

When most of all diseases come from unhealthy regulated food advice, what is the solution?

When several independent studies show that 75% of all (chronic and metabolic) diseases come from wrong regulated dietary food advice, what is the solution?


This question is what we see and hear all around the world.


Korean doctors warn their patients that cancer became a new disease after western processed food, and fast food came into the Korean food market. Their advice is to eat real traditional food for health purposes (all the western diseases have the same advice direction).


According to several studies, cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, arthrosis, heart-attacks, strokes, brain, muscle, nerve disorders, etc. can be grouped in chronic and metabolic diseases.


When we look around ourselves, we can easily find humans with chronic and metabolic disease diagnoses like cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.


On the one hand, we are humble to all the humans helping and supporting others; on the other hand, we have to understand that we are creating these illnesses ourselves.


We hope that there comes a moment that all of us can look in our mirror and change the food and lifestyle choices that make us depressed, disorientated, unhealthy, impaired, desperate, and ill.


When you look at the current health painting from a distance, you will see a system where everybody together digs our own global grave.


We are happy and rejoice that the World Health Organization adopted the Asian Medicine practice. This Eastern recognition came after a long battle with regulators, lobbyists, politicians, influencers, doctors, and scientists connected to the western medicine organizations that don’t like competition and freedom of choice.


Why is this Eastern recognition important? When you believe in freedom of speech and choice, this is an essential international regulatory step.


In the western world, there is only one regulated health organization. This organization provides and regulates food advice, diagnostics, and treatments.

Their researches are the ‘only truth,’ and all regulated members agree with this definition of ‘only truth.’ Stepping out of that ‘only truth’ system leads to repression and public execution.


Let us explain one of the scientific researches that brought us all in a horrible regulated disease trap without escape.


The name of the most influenced doctor and scientific researcher is Ancel Keys, Ph.D.


The study is named “The Seven Countries Study.”

The countries inside this ‘study’ are; USA, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, and Japan.

For the study, the principal investigators, the advice, and the economic forces behind this organization, I suggest doing your research.


When you do your research, you will find that later scientific studies use ‘The Seven Countries Study’ as their primary source and ‘only truth.’


After many years of a public health disaster, ‘The Seven Countries Study’ could be openly discussed for the simple reason that Ancel Keys died. Everyone that tried this before his death faced public execution by the industry, media, western doctors, and the scientific world. In these sixty years of a public health disaster, health care professionals advised unhealthy food choices that stopped the natural prevention and caused diseases by weakening our immune system.


More than a billion fellow innocent humans died already in the name of food and health corruption. It is covered and denied by politicians, regulators, industry, media, so-called health experts, etc.


In the scientific world, there are mainly two different result processes:

  • Fundamental studies

    • These are different kinds of studies where honest humans look with the best of their knowledge of nature’s mechanism to learn and find essential answers.

  • Purchased results ‘studies.’

    • They are financed by the industry or regulators to get needed results.

    • Sadly, these upfront dictated conclusions and reports created most of the current unhealthy food and health regulations. In the last years, we met highly rewarded scientists and doctors that produced these false studies. Money, status, recognition, and power are the main reasons these highly rewarded scientists do this.

    • Two of the influential game players explained how violence, rewarding, fear, intimidation, and corruption work. Disgusting and heartless on a global scale!


In short, ‘The Seven Countries Study’ regulated the food market into ‘the western dietary food pyramid.’ ‘These global dietary food pyramid regulations’ opened the legal door for; the food processing industry, chemical industry, sugars’ subsidiary, and sugar overconsumption.


According to independent research, The Seven Countries Study wasn’t scientific. The research team received data from twenty-two countries. They reduced the countries to seven, and the data was changed to get the result they needed.


Independent research shows that reducing minerals, fat, digestive fibres, and increasing sugars create global diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, arthritis, heart-attacks, strokes, brain, muscle and nerve diseases, etc.


In the Asian tradition, the function of a doctor was to prevent the community from diseases. Together with his/her fellow humans, they look to the food chain and the solutions they could find inside the food to keep everyone healthy.

Social and knowledge exchange was the base of their health system.


Hippocratic stated, “Let Food be thy Medicine.”

The original Hippocratic Oat is related to food and prevention.


The general belief and assumption are that the regulators are protecting the people. Somehow history and independent studies show that the same regulators that provide the unhealthy food pyramid also regulate the diagnostics, cures, and the laws.


A regulated ‘health-care-system’ that higher insurance costs reduces lifetime and brings everyone in health risk. A regulated health-care-system that stays in power by rewarding its members with titles, status, profits, and legal protection.


The result is a population where we all lose.

We lose our dreams, lifetime, love once, social exchange, become depressed, desperate, and blame others for mistakes.


The current social distance crisis clarifies that something is fundamentally wrong in the health-care-system.


The available (natural and pharmaceutical) medicines from Asia and other places that cured since February 2020 Covid-19 disease patients and saved many lives aren't allowed in the western health system.


The western medical and governmental spokespersons in the media inform the population that there is no cure. Why?

  • They know it is a false statement. These so-called experts block solutions for patients and let them die.

  • Why do inhabitants need to believe that there isn’t a solution available?

  • Why don’t the so-called experts explain what a corona virus is, what inhabitants can do to improve the immune system activities today, and as much as possible prevent themselves in a natural way?

  • Why don’t the so-called experts explain what doctors and practitioners do in the countries where they effectively cure their patients since February 2020.

  • Why is there an information censure decision made by influential parties for health, prevention, and cure solutions?

  • Why is there a decision made in October 2019 and February 2020 to stop a possible ‘infodemic’ and censure public information about possible solutions?

  • Why do so-called health professionals and the media slaughter humans that have the guts to use their free voice and contribute to knowledge and solutions?

  • What is the purpose of destroying the global economy, business owners, jobs, and living quality for middle and lower-income groups?

  • Why is this health crisis painted with false information and lies?

  • Why is the PCR test leading when the inventor stated that this method isn’t designed for these tests and the results are unreliable?

  • Why is the doctors financially rewarding higher for a covid diagnostic than for other diagnostics?

  • Why are governments suppressing inhabitants instead of protecting?

  • Why?

  • Etc etc.


Everyone that understands fundamental-health knows that the best health care isn’t in the western world. This understanding is why wealthy people travel for treatments to better health care places like Asia.


What would happen when we have a free choice, and all humans are free to participate in discovering a health solution? What would happen when; we are allowed and educated to live healthily by preventing ourselves, our love-once, friend, family, etc. from depressions, burn-outs, and diseases?


Yes, by acting according to fundamental prevention and health, the current western health care system will disappear. We can keep the right western parts and add the best eastern parts. All heart-warming humans inside health-care are fully allowed to do what they are good at ‘caring for others.’ This way, we use the knowledge from our ancestors and enriched this with the latest findings. By healthy food prevention, we can skip 75% of all diseases inside a short period, and we prevent our children from the disasters that the current western dietary food and health-care system created.


An option for chronic and metabolic diseases is to separate prevention, diagnostics, curing, and health controls to avoid corruption. This way, the learning curve can be high, and we learn together what works and doesn’t in prevention and curing. This will opens the way for new solutions and improves the quality of learning studies.


Together we can make a change. When we keep fighting each other in confusion and fear, we lose precious time, and this healthy change will never come.


We have to face reality; we still have to solve the health issues related to the damage we already have. Solving the damage from unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle is a personal responsibility. Nobody can take this responsibility from your shoulders; others can only support you.


Who should lead this change?

The answer is simple; like in the old days, ordinary, independent, and honest humans should lead this change. Humans that connect humans instead of separating them.


Farmers should become natural caretakers again and reward for fresh real healthy food production.

Healthy food must be available to everyone around the world.

We are brothers and sisters at the same planet flying through the universe searching for a meaningful and healthy living.


Is there a health solution, and is there hope?


The short-term solution is to do your research and make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Healthy choices prevent and reduce the risk of 75% health issues.


Fellow humans worldwide use their free voice and let the regulators know that a fundamental health change is needed. Join them and support them with your free voice and accept each other uniqueness.


It’s a historical fact that; using your free voice is unwanted by the regulated organizations; they want to maintain their safety position. Regulated organizations use the law to stabilize their safety position. History also shows us that only a few percent of humans are needed to make a change movement possible.


As humans, we deeply admire and support humans with a free voice and hope for a world in which we all can live in health, peace, freedom, and without corruption.


As a not-for-profit, Disorderfree.org donated their financial support to research and development of plant-based formulas. As planned, we shared all the results with other health researchers to continue our discoveries and we stopped our activities in 2019. We are humbled and thankful for everyone that contributed.


Many good fellow humans speak out loud, for example:

  • Robert F. Kennedy jr. (the value of safe medications and safe vaccines)

  • Robert Lustig (the truth about sugar and metabolic diseases)

  • John McDougall (the food we were born to eat)

  • Ruben Meerman (where the weight goes)

  • Terence Kealey (the Myth of scientific objectivity)

  • David Sinclair (research about aging and dramatic aging effects inside the body after chemotherapy etc.)

  • Tim Noakes (low carb and how the scientific system defend their ‘only truth’)

  • Nina Teicholz (big fat nutrition policy and the seven countries study)

  • Lange Frans (make the world a peaceful and better place)

  • Karel van Wolferen (use your common sense)

  • Samen terug naar normaal (together back to normal)

  • Matthew Walker (how alcohol, soft- and hard drugs influence sleeping, perception of reality, and health conditions)

  • AVAAZ.org (an online community with around 65 million humans campaigning for a change)

  • And many many more


Besides the western health system, the options and possibilities are endless.

Every civilization has it’s own traditions and methods. There are beautiful examples and treatments for most of the symptoms and diseases. You can find them in; Asia, Middle-East, the Amazon, Russia, and many more.


The Asian recognition by the World Health Organisation opened the door to new health care options and solutions. It’s your own choice, do you walk to the other part of the library and enrich your knowledge, or not.


Back to Hippocratic, “Let Food be thy Medicine.”

Prevention is the best treatment and stops us from digging our own global grave.


The football legend Johan Cruyff mentioned after his Cancer diagnosis; 

“Every day, I live in the extra time.”

Somehow this living in extra time applies to all of us.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu


Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead


I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Thomas A. Edison


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.



Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

Will Rogers


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Edward Everett Hale


Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa


Stay ignorant and curious.


We wish you all a healthy life and freedom of choice.

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